Is 'The One' Fact or Fiction?

've always been very skeptical of the concept of "the one": a single person that is destined, by the stars, or God, or whatever higher power you might believe in, to be your perfect partner. It's a concept that seems overly romantic and impractical given the state of dating today. 

So, what happens when you meet someone that makes you challenge that belief; someone who makes you wonder if all the romantic notions that your friends have been spewing might be true after all?

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Intimacy: One Woman's Search for the Relationship Holy Grail

I've spent a good deal of time and energy searching for what I consider to be the relationship holy grail: intimacy. Ironically, I've also spent at least as much time and energy running away from it as fast as I possibly could. I could never figure out how to rationalize my intense desire for closeness with a man and my unbearable fear of being really 'seen.' Obviously, this makes for an interesting dynamic when good relationships are based almost solely on a healthy sense of intimacy between the two people.

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As a divorcee, I can't go five minutes in a conversation with a new person without being on the receiving end of the "I'm-so-sorry-that-your-marriage-failed" face. I always find that response surprising. Why do you pity me? My divorce doesn't make me -- or my life -- a failure and I truly believe that no divorce, no matter how devastating or disappointing the circumstances, is a failure.

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