The Future of L❤ve, according to Alain de Botton

I came across this video and, not expecting much, decided to see what the future of love looks like from the perspective of a “philosopher of everyday life”.

It was actually one of the MOST impactful examinations of modern love that I’ve ever actually encountered - and an absolute must-watch if you’re looking for answers on how to improve your relationship or find the “right” partner. It’s so, so worth your time!

Would love to hear if this video impacted you as much as it did me; please share your thoughts in the comments. Let’s discuss!

Length: 19:37

To learn more about Alain de Botton, check out his website or his YouTube channel (he has LOTS more interesting videos on many important topics).

Is 'The One' Fact or Fiction?

've always been very skeptical of the concept of "the one": a single person that is destined, by the stars, or God, or whatever higher power you might believe in, to be your perfect partner. It's a concept that seems overly romantic and impractical given the state of dating today. 

So, what happens when you meet someone that makes you challenge that belief; someone who makes you wonder if all the romantic notions that your friends have been spewing might be true after all?

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