As a divorcee, I can't go five minutes in a conversation with a new person without being on the receiving end of the "I'm-so-sorry-that-your-marriage-failed" face. I always find that response surprising. Why do you pity me? My divorce doesn't make me -- or my life -- a failure and I truly believe that no divorce, no matter how devastating or disappointing the circumstances, is a failure.

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Can Tylenol help your broken heart?

One study says that it can. "Brain scans have revealed that rejection and physical pain manifest themselves in identical regions of the brain. In fact, "the two systems are so tightly linked that individuals who took Tylenol (a drug that treats physical pain) reported less emotional pain from rejection. The drug was ineffective in minimizing the effects from other emotions."

Find out more about the science behind what makes rejection hurt so much: http://www.policymic.com/mobile/articles/56291/the-science-behind-why-rejection-hurts-so-damn-much